Got something to promote?

A SalesPage allows you to promote your products & services by specifically targeting your audience with your offering. It's a smart way to engage your users and gain valuable statistics. See where your audience is coming from and how interested they are in your product or service by the way they engage.

Promote whatever you want and collect leads and followers. The cheapest way to promote your products and services is by getting your users to do it for you. SalesPage helps in the process of gathering these users.


Here's what SalesPage does...

Image and video to engage users

Use images and videos to promote your products or services. Images and video are idea material to share on social networks, so the more engaging the image or video is, the more chance it will be shared.



Share this page

We all share text, images and video content every day through Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and other leading social networks. Make it easy for your users to share your SalesPage and broadcast your offering to a bigger audience.


Capture lead in CRM

Capture user details within your CRM database. Setup a new category to separate your leads into campaigns. Every time someone fills in the form on your SalesPage, their details are added to your database as a sales lead. No need to re-key data or lose a potential customer. CRM is an effective way of managing prospects and keeping customers.


Email marketing

Once you have captured users details, send further emails to keep them informed about your products and services. They won't buy if they don't know.



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